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1 a subject in a research project.
2 See enrollee.


A person or entity with a formal role in a clinical study, especially as a patient/subject (study participant); it may be more broadly used for any of the study personnel.

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Q. i am diagnosed as bipolar ii and my doctor told me that i will not be able to participate in any activities. I am a son of a single parent. My father left my mom when I was 14. My mom worked hard and brought up me and my younger sister. For the past one year I forced my mom to stop going for job then I became the bread winner of my family. But recently I am diagnosed as bipolar II and my doctor told me that I will not be able to participate in any activities to prepare for work for more than six months, am I eligible for social security to take care of my family who is depending on me. I don’t want my mom to go for job again after she is used to be at home. Kindly be in my shoes and guide me please.

A. It is very refreshing to see a person so concerned with their family. It is however a big responsibility, you have to be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself. Look into the social security and I agree with Smith talk to a lawyer and see if they can help you. You have to be sure with all of your responsibility that you are taking care of yourself and taking time for yourself. You are very lucky to have a great family, if they want to help out and get jobs to help financially let them. Think of it in terms of the long run. They may have to work for 6 months or a year but in that time you are going to be working on you and your health. You will be more help to them in the future if you take the time to help yourself now! In six months or a year you will have learned the tools to manage your illness and you will be able to offer your family some stability. There are options here make sure you talk to your family and educate them along the way about your illness. I bel

Q. Regular participation in aerobic exercise lowers an individual's risk of developing cancer? I am a regular participant of aerobic, so the regular participation in aerobic exercise lowers an individual's risk of developing cancer?

A. You have some reason to be happy. Research suggests that exercise often modifies some of the risk factors associated with certain kinds of cancer. Obesity has been linked to cancer of the breast and the female reproductive system. Regular exercise has been shown to help promote weight loss. Several studies have also found that men who worked at sedentary jobs for most of their lives had a greater incidence of colon cancer than those in more active jobs. Exercise will not compensate the effects of a high-fat diet or smoking. Still it can contribute, even indirectly, to a reduced risk of cancer. As such, exercising regularly is recommended by the ACS [American Cancer Society] as an integral part of its cancer prevention program.

Q. when i do sport i feel kind of a weakness all over my knees and i get really tired moving forward .. is there any medical explanation for this ?

A. It is hard for me to understand if the weakness you're describing is originally from your legs, or it is general weakness / shortness of breath like symptoms. Also, not knowing your age it is hard for me to think about several arthritic conditions that occur mainly to adult over 50. In any case, if this tiredness bothers you, you should see your doctor or an orthopedist, to see if they can examine you more extensively and try and help with this problem.

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For participating hotels, Global Hotel Rewards is a turnkey solution, built on HMC's proprietary and innovative CRM technology.
Distributed in The Miami Herald's Sunday paper once a month and through participating dealers nationwide, including West Marine, Boater's World, BoatUS, Boat Owners Warehouse and World Watersports, Wave has an estimated readership of 250,000.
com, where there will be information listing local HISC offices who are participating in the national program, as well as a list of non-profit partners, merchant partners (where to buy gifts) and local contact information if you'd like to offer to volunteer.
org) is one of two national, nonprofit agencies designated by the Committee For Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled to support nonprofit agencies (NPAs) participating in the Javits-Wagner-O'Day (JWOD) Program, which provides employment opportunities for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities by procuring Federal contracts for quality goods and services.
The participating Class B non-voting shares to be repurchased for cancellation comprise approximately 13.
In this program, participating laboratories are provided with subsamples from a source of a suitable degree of homogeneity, which they are expected to test at comparable levels of competence.
If these conditions are all met, the Canadian taxpayer must generally include a specified return in computing income equal to a prescribed interest rate multiplied by the "designated cost" of the participating interest.
people who are not participating in a wage subsidy program are more likely to remain unemployed in order to search for a better job than those who participate in a subsidy program.
The Court majority reasoned that requiring students to yield up their urine for examination as a prerequisite to participating in extracurricular activities would serve as a deterrent to drug use.
To improve the surveillance system, we performed interim evaluations and conducted periodic conference calls with local and state health departments and participating ICPs to gain feedback on surveillance methodology.
In the January 2002 article "Anticipating the Benefits" (page 66), the authors attempt to compare historical yields of participating whole life vs.
In the end, the participating facilities will be ready for 150 14001 certification if they choose to hire a registrar.

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