participant observer

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par·tic·i·pant ob·ser·ver

an investigator who while studying the activities of a group of subjects also participates in their activities, presumably being thus able to gain more detailed, relevant information but with less objectivity.
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Working from this "demography" (38), Damon explores the attraction of Jewish men to African-American culture ("Jazz-Jews, Jive, and Gender"); the exclusion of gay men from Kaufman's census, despite Kaufman's own involvement in a triangular relationship with Jack Spicer and his lover Russell FitzGerald ("Triangulated Desire and Tactical Silences in the Beat Hipscape"); and finally, the "veiling" behind "this apparently innocuous and wistful poem" (178) of the anxiety Kaufman himself would have felt in his double role as participant observer ("Loneliness, Lyric, Ethnography," the essay discussed above).
However, as a participant observer, Choen stresses the inclusion of her personal feelings into the article, claiming that if she did not, "there is not much point to having participated" (25).
For peer talk (PT), a participant observer recorded observations and audio recordings.
Both questions derived from fieldnotes a participant observer had created for the Future of Learning 2010 Summer Institute (Harvard Graduate School of Education) and the Tests and Measurements course, fall 2010 at Edward Waters College (EWC).
Organized into three parts, nine chapters, and helpfully illustrated by more than 20 imprints from the author's life online, the book chronicles Boellstorff as he travels through the literature of media ecology and the philosophical background for his entering into and legitimizing the virtual world as a "culture" in which he can work as a participant observer. The author used focus groups, surveys, polls, and 60 interviews, and other informal/observational conversations that provide data for analytical contexts.
That I feel like a participant observer, on many days, in the institution is a troubling realization, as I have earned the title and rank of tenured full professor but often not the privileges that flow to others (White men) from the same earning.
Perhaps it is unfair to expect so much from Curran, but one feels that in choosing to take on this task, he takes on the responsibilities of the historian, even (and perhaps especially) because it is complicated by his experience as a "participant observer" (Curran's term).
Our participant observer methodology at Brandeis was quite informal.
In the Introduction, Watkins, author of I Ain't Afraid to Speak My Mind (Unity Council, 2003), asks pivotal questions that have weighed heavily on the minds of several leaders all over the world: "How do I become an involved participant observer in the hip-hop community?
As a participant observer, you take notes and observe what you are doing.
As Labaree (2002) noted, Practices of strategic deceit, the tactical use of withholding information, and making conscious decisions about limiting who will read about the study's findings can follow the insider participant observer in the community long after an outsider has moved on to other research projects.