partial-thickness burn

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par·tial-·thick·ness burn

a burn involving the epidermis and dermis and usually forming blisters that may be superficial. If it involves all levels of the dermis, the skin appendages are preserved. Reepithelialization occurs from squamous cell preserved in the skin appendages.
Synonym(s): second-degree burn
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par·tial-thick·ness burn

(pahr'shăl thik'nĕs bŭrn)
A burn involving the epidermis and dermis that usually forms blisters; followed by epithelial regeneration extending from the dermal appendages.
Synonym(s): second-degree burn.
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All wounds revealed affection of the epidermal as well as the reticular dermal layer, which classified them as deep partial-thickness burns.
Vibrilase may meet the medical need for a product that can rapidly and safely debride partial-thickness burns by potentially reducing the incidence of infection, improving the outcomes of skin grafts, and ultimately reducing the time to healing.
The dressing is for use in acute and chronic wounds including partial-thickness burns, surgical wounds, diabetic foot, leg, and pressure ulcers.
The company currently has two products in the market, Dermagraft, a living, permanent dermal replacement for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (currently available in Canada and the UK), and Dermagraft-TC, a temporary covering for full and partial-thickness burns. In addition to Dermagraft and Dermagraft-TC, the company also is developing products for cartilage and cardiovascular applications.
Burns that generally can be managed in an outpatient setting include partial-thickness burns covering less than 15% of the total body surface (10% for children) and deep partial-thickness or full-thickness burns covering less than 3% percent of the total body surface.
Partial-thickness burns of the external genitalia, perineum and gluteal and upper thigh areas were allowed to heal spontaneously.

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