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The study enrolled 33 patients with chronic, degenerative, intermediate- (n=12) to high-grade (n=21) partial-thickness tears (11 articular, 10 bursal, four intra-substance, eight hybrid) of the supraspinatus tendon.
With an experienced sonologist and good equipment, accuracy of USG equals that of MRI for full-thickness tears and is slightly better than MRI for partial-thickness tears.
The trial uses stromal vascular fraction, a mixture of cells and nutrients isolated from a patient's own body that contain adipose-derived stem cells, as a potential therapy for partial-thickness rotator cuff tears.
Findings for partial thickness tears included a hypoechoic defect of the articular side of the tendon for an articular-side partial-thickness tear and flattening of the bursal surface of the tendon for a bursal-side partial-thickness tear.
We have made a small modification to the cartilage shield technique by using partial-thickness conchal or tragal cartilage, depending on the surgical approach.
13) presenting a Surgical Repair of a combined 330[degrees] capsulolabral lesion and partial-thickness rotator cuff tear in a professional American Football quaterback.
Based on the degrees of the supraspinatus injury, US diagnosis is divided into three main types such as full-thickness tear (FTT), partial-thickness tear (PTT) [Figure 1], and chronic tear (CT).
Partial-thickness tissue engineering uses one type of cell layer; this can be in either monolayer or multilayers [Figure 4].
Forty-two per cent were partial-thickness, 29% deep burns and a further 29% a combination of deep- and partial-thickness burns.
Pathology in the patellofemoral joint included not only "early" features of OA, such as bone marrow lesions and partial-thickness cartilage loss, but also frank osteophytes on MRI, they noted.
Clinical evidence indicates that the most common rotator cuff tears initiate as partial-thickness tears in the osteotendinous junction of the supraspinatus tendon (Andarawis-Puri et al.
of Surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health and Director of Stratatech Corporation, "Clinical Evaluation of StrataGrait Tissue as an Alternate to Autografting Deep Partial-Thickness Burns;" Angela Christiano, Ph.