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 [pahrs] (pl. par´tes) (L.)
pars mastoi´dea os´sis tempora´lis mastoid part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars petro´sa os´sis tempora´lis petrous part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars pla´na the thin part of the ciliary body; the ciliary disk.
pars squamo´sa os´sis tempora´lis squamous part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars tympa´nica os´sis tempora´lis tympanic part of temporal bone.


Plural of pars.


(parz) plural.partes [L.]
A part; portion of a larger structure.

pars basilaris ossis occipitalis

The basilar process of the occipital bone.

pars buccalis hypophyseos

A developmental protrusion in the primitive buccal cavity of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis.

pars caeca oculi

Optic disk.

pars caeca retinae

The parts of the retina not sensitive to light (pars ciliaris retinae and pars iridica retinae).

pars cephalica et cervicalis systematis autonomici

The cranial and cervical portions of the autonomic nervous system.

pars ciliaris retinae

The portion of the retina situated in front of the ora serrata and covering the ciliary body.

pars distalis adenohypophyseos

The part of the hypophysis forming the major portion of the anterior lobe.
See: pituitary gland

pars flaccida membranae tympani

The portion of the membrane of the eardrum that fills the notch of Rivinus. This portion of the drum is not taut.
Synonym: Shrapnell's membrane

pars interarticularis

The region between the superior and inferior articulating facets of a vertebra; the region where fracture frequently occurs with spondylolysis.

pars intermedia adenohypophyseos

The intermediate lobe of the hypophysis cerebri.
See: pituitary gland

pars iridica retinae

The portion of the retina on the posterior surface of the iris.

pars mastoidea ossis temporalis

The mastoid portion of the temporal bone.

pars membranacea urethrae masculinae

The membranous portion of the urethra. It extends from the prostate to the bulb of the penis.
See: pars spongiosa urethrae masculinae

pars nervosa hypophyseos

The posterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

pars optica hypothalami

Optic chiasm.

pars optica retinae

The sensory portion of the retina, extending from the optic disk to the ora serrata.

pars petrosa ossis temporalis

The petrous portion of the temporal bone.

pars plana corporis ciliaris

The ciliary ring of the eye.

pars radiata lobuli corticalis renis

Medullary ray.

pars spongiosa urethrae masculinae

The portion of the male urethra included from the point of entrance to the bulb of the penis to its termination at the end of the penis. The bulbourethral glands empty into it via their ducts just after the urethra passes the perineal membrane.

pars squamosa ossis temporalis

The flat portion of the temporal bone that forms part of the lateral wall of the skull.

pars tensa membranae tympani

The larger portion of the tympanic membrane, a tightly stretched membrane lying inferior to the malleolar folds.
See: pars flaccida membranae tympani

pars tuberalis adenohypophyseos

The portion of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis cerebri that invests the infundibular stalk.

pars tympanica ossis temporalis

The tympanic portion of the temporal bone.
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