pars tympanica ossis temporalis

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 [pahrs] (pl. par´tes) (L.)
pars mastoi´dea os´sis tempora´lis mastoid part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars petro´sa os´sis tempora´lis petrous part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars pla´na the thin part of the ciliary body; the ciliary disk.
pars squamo´sa os´sis tempora´lis squamous part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars tympa´nica os´sis tempora´lis tympanic part of temporal bone.
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tym·pan·ic plate of temporal bone

the bony plate forming the greater part of the anterior wall of the bony part of the external acoustic meatus and the tympanic cavity, and the posterior wall of the mandibular fossa.
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pars tympanica ossis temporalis

The tympanic portion of the temporal bone.
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