pars petrosa ossis temporalis

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 [pahrs] (pl. par´tes) (L.)
pars mastoi´dea os´sis tempora´lis mastoid part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars petro´sa os´sis tempora´lis petrous part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars pla´na the thin part of the ciliary body; the ciliary disk.
pars squamo´sa os´sis tempora´lis squamous part of temporal bone; see under part.
pars tympa´nica os´sis tempora´lis tympanic part of temporal bone.
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tem·po·ral bone

a large irregular bone situated in the base and side of the cranium; it consists of three parts, squamous, tympanic, and petrous, which are distinct at birth; the petrous part contains the vestibulocochlear organ; the bone articulates with the sphenoid, parietal, occipital, and zygomatic bones, and by a synovial joint with the mandible.
Synonym(s): os temporale [TA]

pet·rous part of tem·po·ral bone

the part of the temporal bone that contains the structures of the inner ear and the second part of the internal carotid artery; in prenatal life it appears as a separate ossification center.
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pars petrosa ossis temporalis

The petrous portion of the temporal bone.
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