orbicularis oculi (muscle)

(redirected from pars palpebralis musculi orbicularis oculi)

or·bic·u·la·ris oc·u·li (mus·cle)

facial muscle of eyelids; consists of three portions: orbital part, or external portion, which arises from frontal process of maxilla and nasal process of frontal bone, encircles aperture of orbit, and is inserted near origin; palpebral part, or internal portion, which arises from medial palpebral ligament, passes through each eyelid, and is inserted into lateral palpebral raphe; lacrimal part (tensor tarsi muscle, Duverney or Horner muscle) arises from posterior lacrimal crest and passes across lacrimal sac to join palpebral portion; action, closes eye, wrinkles forehead vertically; nerve supply, zygomatic and temporal branches of facial.
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