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Caleb H., English physician, 1755-1822. See: Parry disease.
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Speaking about the Joint Venture, Muthu Murugappan, Business Head of Parry Nutraceuticals said, "To start with, we will be focusing on extracting Phycocyanin from Spirulina.
It said Mrs Parry was "escaping an abusive marriage and reported several incidents indicating patterns of behaviour from her abuser".
He also punched Parry to the head and the knife, described as a black-handled lock knife, fell to the ground.
Inside the Clinic' begins with an explanation that Parry had already been there for six weeks, endeavouring to gain the trust of the clinic's employees and to reach a stage whereby they are comfortable with her filming.
Colin Radcliffe, operations manager at the NCA's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command, said: "Whilst there is no evidence that Caroline Parry abused her position of trust at her place of work, we consider that she poses a signifi-cant risk due to nature of the images she was downloading and viewing.
As he was led from the dock, Parry shouted to his mother in the public gallery: "I didn't mean to do it.
Parry shot her twice in the back - it was carefully planned by a man who was in full control of himself when he murdered his wife.
John Parry, chairman of JPM Parry "This has adversely affected Parrys, and we have hit lean times," he said.
Mr and Mrs Parry said Tim was a boy who "epitomised a young man who loved life".
Often thought to have been a traditional pillar of Britain's musical establishment, this documentary reveals how Parry was a tortured, melancholy, nervous, lonely, yet deeply passionate man, an unbeliever, a radical thinker who refused to follow convention.
Les Parry It is a record made all the more remarkable by the fact that Parry hasn't had so much as a day off sick at his hometown club since his debut as Rovers' sponge man in the goalless draw with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in August 1993.