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1. The killing of one's parent (patricide or matricide).
2. One who commits such an act.
[L. parricidium, killing of close kin]
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(6-9) In a study of 5,488 cases of parricide in the United States, 4,738 (86%) of perpetrators were male.
Analysis of the Canadian data (1962 to 1985) indicates a positive correlation between parricide rates and criminal violence rates (r = .58, p [less than] .01).
Evidence of the abuse had not been presented at Glazier's trial or sentencing because at the time, child abuse simply was not considered a defense in parricide cases.
A parricide case was filed against Cadiente before the Office of the City Prosecutor.
Respect, Defense, and Self-Identity: Profiling Parricide in Nineteenth-Century America, 1852-1899
Entries on victims of domestic violence include discussion of battered wives, battered husbands, parricide, dating violence, and domestic violence in the workplace.
He had become interested in how power works in the most "ordinary," banal, everyday aspects of our existence; and to this end, he had extracted figures from the archives, conferring on them a sort of strange, posthumous fame - Pierre Riviere, parricide, Herculine Barbin, hermaphrodite.
Parricide, the killing of one's mother or father, is an especially neglected topic (Ewing, 1990).
Its plot centers on the execution of a typically romantic hero, an outlaw and parricide, a victim of passions and alienation from society.
" When charged with the crime of parricide, said extra-judicial confession was introduced in evidence as Exhibit "A" without objection on the part of his attorney.
Taborna is facing the crime of parricide for allegedly killing his wife, Teresa, last February inside their house in Imus.
Dumapig, 24, assigned at the Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB) at PRO 11, Camp Catitipan, will face reckless imprudence resulting in parricide and grave misconduct.