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However, there is a need to minimise drop outs among parous mothers by creating better accessibility for engagement and considering the use of remote or virtual technology.
Eligible women were aged 16 to 40 years, parous, and without known leiomyoma or recent pelvic infection.
Purposive sampling technique was employed to collect subjects aged less than 40 years, parous with history of preeclampsia in previous pregnancy/pregnancies with singleton pregnancy, and with gestational age of greater than 20 weeks which was determined by early scan with preeclampsia in index pregnancy.
Pregnancies occurred in two nulliparous (never given birth) and four parous (previously given birth) participants.
Although the active chemical agents in herbal medications used during pregnancy in KwaZulu-Natal have still not been identified, it has been postulated that the meconium is due to hyperstimulation and may lead to UR, particularly in parous women.
Parous women had sharply elevated odds of having chosen and having used an effective method (odds ratios, 6.
The relaxation of pelvic ligaments due to parous nature of cow along with heavy straining and lack of uterine tonicity might be the cause of occurrence of uterine prolapse in this case.
For parous women the rate of severe, acute maternal morbidity for a planned home versus a planned hospital birth was 1.
In our study, parous women were consistently at a lower risk of ovarian cancer compared with nulliparous women.
The unfed mosquitoes collected through different sampling techniques were dissected for ovaries as per WHO technique based on distended tracheolar skeins and were categorized as parous and nulliparous.