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Everyone agrees that the parol evidence rule should permit
Courts that apply a soft parol evidence rule, however,
There Is a Parol Evidence Rule in California--The Lessons of a Pyrrhic
are instructed as well to follow a soft parol evidence rule and to
236) Second, both MCC-Marble and Mitchell Aircraft effectively overruled Beijing Metals' incorrect assertion that the UCC's parol evidence rule is contained in the CISG.
However, MCC-Marble is an example of a court willing to get its hands a little dirty in a new sandbox and analyze the wording of the CISG text in making a decision about the applicability of the parol evidence rule.
Section IV of this article highlights the important point that rules such as the Statute of Frauds and the parol evidence rule further the purposes and principles important to the success of e-commerce.
The basic issues of electronic contracts involve the "battle of the forms," the parol evidence rule, the "mailbox rule," and determining assent through authentication of signature.
38) Its spirit lingers on today masquerading as the inevitable result of the parol evidence rule.
The Restaters deal with the problem of the parol evidence rule pragmatically rather than doctrinally.
In addition to the idea that the parol evidence rule has no application to the status of donee beneficiary, there are a number of ways to the same result.
The parol evidence rule is not applicable to identification of donee beneficiaries.