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pari-mutuel, parimutuel

betting on the totalizator. Literally means betting between ourselves. All of the money wagered is divided up equally between those who have backed the winning and placed horses.
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Parimutuel bets are not limited to the track and can be made in (http://www.
Most horse tracks in the world operate as a parimutuel system (the system is called the totalisator in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand), (2) whereas horse tracks in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia also employ bookmaker-based systems.
In 1997, to augment its smaller parimutuel house take, the Mardi Gras added a poker room on the second floor of the clubhouse, next to the parimutuel betting area.
State lotteries, duly licensed parimutuel race tracks, and the booming fantasy sports business win broad exemptions under the bill.
199495] specified a model that included such variables as population per square mile, population per square mile squared, total population, total population squared, per capita parimutuel revenues, per capita income, percentage of state residents who were Baptist, years of lottery in operation, and a set of six regional dummies.
These days, the American parimutuel wagering industry also includes dog racing in 16 States and jai alai in Connecticut, Florida, and Rhode Island.
The present study applies the techniques of previous work using a data set that allows us to examine a parimutuel market where many of the participants are believed to be uninformed.
To the extent that this is true, the probability of adopting a lottery should be directly correlated with the presence of other forms of legalized gambling in the state, such as parimutuel betting.
Webis announced yesterday that following the review, "the board has come to the conclusion that, in the light of the opportunities available to the US parimutuel division, continuing to support the fixed-odds division is no longer a viable strategy".
If implemented, the authority will be following the lead of Racing Victoria, which from July 1 is adopting a model which differentiates between parimutuel (tote) betting and other forms of wagering, such as fixedodds or exchange betting, in a bid to boost funding, especially from the increasingly popular digital platforms.