parietal region

pa·ri·e·tal re·gion

the surface region of the head corresponding to the outlines of the underlying parietal bone.
Synonym(s): regio parietalis capitis [TA]
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The parietal region was the most common site in 43 patients (43%), followed by frontal region in 33 patients (33%).
Encephalomalasia on the left parietal region of brain was detected on MRI.
11] The frontal branch runs toward the midline of the forehead above the eyebrow, and the parietal branch supplies the parietal region (Fig.
Primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL) was mostly observed in the temporal and parietal and parietal region.
This included alterations in theta activity (4 Hz to 8 Hz) over the right parietal region.
Hyperintense areas were present in the parietal region in the T2 and FLAIR sequences in all patients (100%).
At physical examination two rubbery, painless, soft, cystic, compressible swellings 5 x 3 cm and 3 x 2 cm in size under the scalp in the left parietal region [Fig.
The frontal region is continuous caudally with the wide parietal region and laterocaudally with the short post-orbital process.
The radiologist found the hypo dense signals supported with Diffusion weighted Images for ischaemic infarcts bilaterally in frontal, and parietal region of the brain (Figure-1).
regions during the binasal inhalation AEO, whereas, absolute fast alpha value significantly increased only in the right parietal region (15.
The cause of his death was the second GSW that made its point of entry at the parietal region causing fractures in the skull and lacerations on the brain.
A 63-year-old African-American female, with an extensive past medical history that included schizophrenia, substance abuse, diabetes, hypertension, and Hepatitis C presented to the surgery clinic with an enlarging mass on the left posterior scalp parietal region.