parietal layer

pa·ri·e·tal lay·er

the outer layer of an enveloping sac or bursa, usually lining the walls of the cavity or space occupied by the enveloped structure, the structure itself being covered with the inner or visceral layer of the enveloping sac; an actual or potential space is enclosed by the two continuous layers, intervening between parietal and visceral layers. The parietal layer is usually the more substantial layer.
Synonym(s): lamina parietalis [TA]
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The pericardium consists of a thick, fibrous parietal layer and a thinner visceral layer, the latter of which closely approximates the epicardial fat and--under normal circumstances--is too thin to be routinely visualized at CMR.
The outer layer of the pleural sac, the parietal layer, is served by the systemic circulation; the inner, visceral layer, by the bronchial circulation.
The parietal layer lies against the scrotal wall; the visceral layer envelops all but the posterior portion of the testicle.
Four types of anther wall development were described by Davis [7] based on the secondary parietal layers.
2007), and Shaw and colleagues (2007) have correlated this with thin orbital and parietal layers in the neocortex of ADHD children.
2B, C, 3B-D, 4A-C) the megasporocyte is separated from the epidermis by one or several parietal layers (Bouman, 1984).