parenteral alimentation

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giving or receiving of nourishment.
parenteral alimentation administration of nutrients intravenously.

pa·ren·ter·al al·i·men·ta·tion

providing nourishment intravenously.


not through the alimentary canal, e.g. by subcutaneous, intramuscular, intrasternal or intravenous injection, e.g. parenteral fluid therapy.

parenteral alimentation
see parenteral nutrition (below).
parenteral hyperalimentation
see parenteral nutrition (below).
parenteral nutrition
the provision of adequate carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals and fluids parenterally to maintain the animal over a relatively long period of several weeks. Called also parenteral alimentation, parenteral hyperalimentation. See also parenteral nutrition.
parenteral therapy
treatment by the parenteral route is limited to those substances that are soluble in a solvent that can be injected into tissues including the bloodstream. The choice of routes may depend on the nature of the vehicle used, e.g. oily preparations are injected into tissues, irritant substances are injected intravenously slowly.