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French scale (F),

a scale for grading sizes of sounds, tubes, and catheters as based on a diameter of 0.33 mm equaling 1 F on the scale (for example, 3 F = 1 mm); grading to scale is carried out using a metal plate with holes ranging from 0.33 mm to 1 cm in diameter.
Synonym(s): Charrière scale


adjective (slang) Referring to oral sex.

verb (slang)
(1) To perform oral sex on someone.
(2) To give an open-mouth (i.e., “French”) kiss.
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Pardon my French, but in the sht-storm Manny Pacquiao created with his unthinking, unchristian depiction of LGBTs as worse than animals, it was very difficult to find common ground for discussion between those who criticized him and those who defended him.
PARDON my French but if you don't know your poulet saute aux herbes de Provence from your pissaladire, then you probably won't have heard of Julia Child.
But as it is, pardon my French, I think this budget is ridiculous because there is only some two weeks left before the new budget begins.