paraxial mesoderm

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par·ax·i·al mes·o·derm

the mesoderm lying at either side of the midline embryonic notochord; on segmentation, it forms the paired somites.

paraxial mesoderm

Mesoderm lying immediately lateral to the neural tube and notochord.
See also: mesoderm


the middle of the three primary germ layers of the embryo, lying between the ectoderm and entoderm; from it are derived the connective tissue, bone, cartilage, muscle, blood and blood vessels, lymphatics, lymphoid organs, notochord, pleura, pericardium, peritoneum, kidneys and gonads.

extraembryonic mesoderm
located outside the developing embryo and forming its accessory organs.
paraxial mesoderm
adjacent to the mid line beneath the epiblast of the embryo which develop into somites.
somatic mesoderm
the outer layer of the developing mesoderm.
splanchnic mesoderm
the inner layer of the developing mesoderm.
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The cephalic paraxial mesoderm produces voluntary facial muscle and endothelial cells, whereas CrnNC produce craniofacial connective tissue, such as dentin, dental pulp, facial cartilage, viscerocranium bones, and the anterior region of the skull base.
Neural crest induction by paraxial mesoderm in Xenopus embryos requires FGF signals.