paravertebral line

par·a·ver·te·bral line

a vertical line corresponding to the tips of the transverse processes of the vertebrae.
Synonym(s): linea paravertebralis [TA]
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A curved skin incision is made 1 cm below the palpable tip of scapula extending from midaxillary line to paravertebral line. Latissimus dorsi was divided posteriorly and the fascia lying just posterior to posterior margin of serratus was divided anteriorly.
If needed, the scan was continued in supine, oblique, and lateral decubitus positions by moving the probe transversally and longitudinally along the intercostal spaces, including the parasternal line; middle- and lateral clavicular lines; anterior, middle, and posterior axillary lines; lateral and medical scapular lines; and along the paravertebral line to cover the entire thoracic region including normal areas.
The color pattern consists of a paravertebral line of pale color disappearing in the nape area, surrounded by a pair of dark paravertebral lines which diverge in the neck and prolong to the temporal region passing through the eye and to the rostral scale; a pair of dark lateral lines are evident along their body, these do not touch the dark paravertebral lines and disappear converging in the neck region.