paratracheal lymph node

par·a·tra·che·al lymph node

nodes along the sides of the trachea in the neck (part of the deep anterior cervical lymph nodes and in the posterior mediastinum; receive drainage of superior (and inferior) tracheobranchial nodes, trachea, and esophagus; drain to bronchomediastinal lymphatic trunk(s), thoracic duct.
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The preliminary diagnosis of malignancy with a differential diagnosis of metastatic melanoma versus metastatic adenocarcinoma was communicated to the bronchoscopist, and EBUS-guided FNA procedure was concluded; the paratracheal lymph node was not sampled.
The right paratracheal lymph node was found to be the most frequent site of mediastinal node enlargement in adults (4).
1) The superior pericardial recess, called the high-riding superior pericardial recess, is the posterior portion of the superior aortic recess and may sometimes extend more superiorly than normal, which may mimic a paratracheal lymph node.
The patient underwent a near-total thyroidectomy and left paratracheal lymph node dissection and left modified radical neck dissection.
On autopsy, he was found to be muscular and heavily built, and had cardiomegaly, enlarged paratracheal lymph nodes and pulmonary oedema.
A chest radiograph (Figure 1) showed pleural thickening in the region of the costophrenic sulcus, enlargement of the hilar and paratracheal lymph nodes, and a mass in the right upper lobe.