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An older term for the psychological state or repository of attitudes, ideas, and experiences accumulated during personality development that are not effectively assimilated or integrated into the growing mass and residue of the other attitudes, ideas, and experiences of an individual's personality.
Synonym(s): parataxia
[para- + G. taxis, orderly arrangement]
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In this fantastical poem, Stanford employs parataxis to create a decentered, psychological matrix of potent images, recalling the manipulations of time as well as the "dreamers" in Clair's first film, Paris Qui Dort (made in 1924 and released the following year), who fall under the sleeping spell, of a mad scientist's magic ray.
Simple parataxis statements are fragments that are also used to describe the massacre in Hotel Rwanda.
The Tower of Tristan episode does not simply parallel the earlier passage but offers a concentric kind of entrelacement, for one parataxis encloses another.
Despite the temporal gap, the choice of Jones as high modernist seems obvious, given, at first glance, his sense of form as order imposed by the artist on his material, and his poetic expression in fragment, juxtaposition, allusion, and parataxis (the placing side by side of disparate images, ideas, or phrases), with, of course, the need for heavy annotation.
The parataxis in this passage and the recourse to language akin to Biblical genealogy establishes a written continuity that matches the mental continuity imagined by Joe, which is fanciful but plausible.
Hemingway's parataxis also aligns Santiago's interpretive anxieties with the reader's.
The Shock of the Boring: Excess and Parataxis in Gilbert Sorrentino's Mulligan Stew," 2: 78-88.
By way of conclusion, I would argue that Carson's lyric essay creates new opportunities for producing productive relations between hypotaxis and parataxis.
Kaplan's critique suggests that, contrary to the rhetoric she outlines, the relation between the global and the digital is one of unevenness and dissonance, of stoppage and parataxis, rather than of smooth cohesion and symbiosis.
Indeed, circumstantial clauses can he said to assume a borderline position between parataxis and hypotaxis, broadly defined as "enhancing clauses without explicit marking of a semantic relation to the head [clausel" (p.
The run-on parataxis of the line "Twas oval shaped strange wonder filled my breast" seems deliberately rushed, as though the speaker of the poem wants to spend as little time dwelling on his own wonder as possible.
The Geneva Bible's hypotaxis, I argue, inserts causality into the narrative's structure, while the King James Version's parataxis resists such interpretive translation techniques.