Pertaining to parataxis.
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As suggested by psychoanalytic literature on parataxic distortion, these previously adaptive patterns become maladaptive when they continue to shape expectations for interpersonal relationships (Shubs, 2008).
Extensive blocks of text are constructed with parataxic sequencing while the narration incessantly intercuts as short, separate sentences and clauses are divided and dismembered by commas, comma splices and full stops.
Van den Berg follows Sullivan's (1940) notion of parataxic relationships and how this change in living arrangements led to multiple relating 'selves'.
399, 440 (2000) ("The empirical and analytical work suggests a shift from this parataxic approach to a more holistic perspective."); Dan Simon, A Third View of the Black Box: Cognitive Coherence in Legal Decision Making, 71 U.
Employing an integrated approach, this stage focuses on identifying client's dynamics, including life-style, goals, private logic, and parataxic distortions.
Interpersonal Theory suggests a process for promoting insight through interpretations which correct parataxic interpersonal distortions (Sullivan, 1940).
Mistaking words for deeds (or maps for territories; see Korzybski, 1958) provides the basis of a type of parataxic (as in Sullivan, 1953, p.29) thought process, frequently encountered in highly stratified human encounters; it lies behind both the offering and the acceptance of flattery, phoney politeness, forced apologies etc.