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An older term for the psychological state or repository of attitudes, ideas, and experiences accumulated during personality development that are not effectively assimilated or integrated into the growing mass and residue of the other attitudes, ideas, and experiences of an individual's personality.
Synonym(s): parataxia
[para- + G. taxis, orderly arrangement]
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Yet whereas Mueller reads Donne as "doing away with the distinction," I suggest that he paratactically layers meanings here, reading the situation for its literal and metaphorical meanings (i.e., in the way of the aforementioned quadriga).
The first, "The Image Record," paratactically captures voices, texts, thoughts, images, and moments:
Paratactically, as Roland Barthes suggests?--"extend[ing] the power of metaphor by developing what could be called an 'atmosphere' from discontinuous situations and objects; Ms blazer is for the girl who's something of an Anglophile, perhaps smitten with Proust, who spends her vacations at the shore" (247).
However, because these "countless examples" can only be connected paratactically, can only be placed alongside one another, seeing 9/11 as exemplary-because-typical is as presentist as seeing 9/11 as exemplary-because-singular.
This keystone is, I think, borrowed from Bishop's "Over 2000 Illustrations," where the speaker says of her paratactically linked travels, "what frightened me most of all" was an "open, gritty marble trough ...
That Old Ben's "rising" recalls Rider's extended form operates paratactically to hybridize two images, drawing a black through a beast so that a deeply problematic desire may be figured.
The disparate signs are instructive not for what they sell, but for the way the text paratactically juxtaposes them to produce surreal contexts (like the ghetto itself) in which transparent readings are undermined: General Ham and smoked ham, chicken and insurance, funerals and fertile "womens." The General--whose banners exclaim "FEED THEM JESUS!"--demands that African Americans force-feed "whitey" with metaphors of black anger at the same time that the poor in Harlem go physically hungry (99, 100).
The comma in the final line may be interpreted paratactically and hypotactically, that is, "Man / Outwardly and inwardly contemplated" as well as "Man / Outwardly and therefore inwardly contemplated." As Coleridge puts it, our "inmost being ...
(91) Echoing the general tendency of the novel to oscillate between synthesis and fragmentation, here we find Strobe "arranged between" other things and characters, cut-up and cut-in with them: "I am Captain Strobe, a slim siren"; "Now I was smoke called Kelley." Notably, the passage also presents paratactically suspended sentence fragments with fragmented sentences about hanging.
The logic in the NRP functioned paratactically (the linking of ideas in a non-hierarchical constellation), avoiding the hypotatic impulse (one which demands subordination) embedded in totalitarian logic (Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca, The New Rhetoric 158).
In early Old Babylonian the construction begins to co-occur with speech verbs (usually, but not always, paratactically).