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An older term for the psychological state or repository of attitudes, ideas, and experiences accumulated during personality development that are not effectively assimilated or integrated into the growing mass and residue of the other attitudes, ideas, and experiences of an individual's personality.
Synonym(s): parataxia
[para- + G. taxis, orderly arrangement]
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The Poetic Paradigm: Metaphysical Systems 1 2 3 4 formism organism mechanism contextualism The Poetic Paradigm: Discourse Structures 1 2 3 4 paratactic logical temporal dialectical
Paul uses sentence fragments and simple paratactic statements when he is on the verge of mental breakdown.
Izenberg focuses his readings of other poets--Yeats, O'Hara, the Language poets--on the same anti-expressive, paratactic gestures he finds in Op-pen's work.
In these musings on Venice, Knights observes, "Browning's music inserts itself, in an isomorph of the poem's own interpolations, encouraging the sentence to spin itself out in paratactic fancies" (p.
His writing was extraordinarily paratactic, probably because as a fundamentalist Christian, which I did not know at the time, he had in mind a grand scheme of the universe that his sentences could relate to individually, so that their coherence depended not on the sequential relationship to each other, but to this sort of Platonic Idea out there from which he drew his famous archetypes.
Despite the brevity of the text, despite its dissociative pull and paratactic economy, the impression is not just of circumambient registration but of penetrating surveillance.
In this third part, the fragmented second person narrative and the ambiguity of the poem initiate a loss of narrative control, a sense of misadventure, and a paratactic fragmentation that parallels the fragmented earth.
In "The Stone Pit," the end-stopped lines and paratactic quality of a couplet sonnet that ends unexpectedly with a quatrain convey the unexpected revelations and disjunctions of a spatial anomaly.
Some poems could have been left out, such as "The Worry Poem" listing things that are stressful to humans in general, hut Bowling more than delivers with a fascinating series of paratactic poems that tie all his themes, time periods, characters, and memories together.
Generating both paratactic relationships and aesthetic commentary, Noon's metamorphiction is a uniquely contemporary mode of writing.
white slaveholders, even as it offers paratactic tautologies that sound
Antonioni choreographs Thomas's journeys through London in order to "chorograph" the space, building his paratactic sentences shot by shot.