parasympathetic response

par·a·sym·pa·thet·ic re·sponse

(par'ă-sim'pă-thet'ik rĕ-spons')
The response in glandular, smooth muscle, and cardiac tissue during relief from threat or stress; the lay term for this state is "rest and digest," as opposed to the common term for the sympathetic response, "fight or flight."
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This parasympathetic response turns down the stress response and elicits relaxation.
Rapid tachycardia during exercise is due to withdrawal of parasympathetic response followed by sympathetic dominance phase (1).
Therefore, preeclamptic patients of our study showed reduced vagal tone and an augmented sympathetic drive at rest and a further blunted parasympathetic response to stressful stimuli.
It is the blue portion of the curve in the stand response plot, and it is indicated in the right hand panel of the parasympathetic response analysis plot.
HF nu was significantly lower in patients with COPD than in normal participants (P < 0.05) implying a decreased parasympathetic response. Our result is in concordance with Scalvini et al.
Any stimulation of this nerve along its pathway leads to a release of acetylcholine from the nerve endings in the heart causing a parasympathetic response [5].
Hypersensitive reactions to neuromuscular blocking agents may be due to nonspecific histamine release from mast cells [anaphylactoid reaction] or may be IgE mediated hypersensitive reactions [anaphylactic reaction]or may be due to high affinity to M2 muscarinic receptors leading to an augmented parasympathetic response to intubation causing severe bronchospasm mediated via M3 muscarinic receptors.
Their choice of parameters prevented results regarding the parasympathetic response of the ANS.
"We think this parasympathetic response is potentially important in type 2 diabetes," said Vann Bennett, the James B.
In storming, there appears to be both an exaggeration of the sympathetic response with a diminished parasympathetic response or alteration in the relay system between the two networks.
One of the explanations of why endurance athletes have such low resting HR following training is due to increased parasympathetic response.

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