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Identification of parasitoses in a child burial from Adak Island (Central Aleutian Islands, Alaska).
Predominancias e determinacoes sociais em ocorrencias de parasitoses na regiao centro-ocidental do Parana: uma analise socioeconomica do problema.
The aim of the abovementioned research was to assess the epidemiological situation concerning the prevalence of intestinal parasitoses in Poland.
Nestes encontros foram abordados os temas: Integracao; Desnutricao infantil; Parasitose intestinal e higiene; Verminoses; Gripe ou resfriado na infancia; Vinculo mae-filho.
The expense is greatly outweighed by the advantages of avoiding the high cost of managing outbreaks of epidemic parasitoses resulting from misdiagnosis, treatment failures, and incomplete post-treatment monitoring (10).
As parasitoses intestinais representam um dos grandes problemas médico-sanitários à sociedade, pela frequência com que ocorrem e, especialmente, pela possibilidade de incapacitar o indivíduo atingido, ou mesmo levá-lo a óbito (Neves, 2005).
A higher proportion of parasitoses occurred in travelers to Madagascar than in persons who had not traveled there (21.
She has specialized in serologic and molecular biological diagnosis of parasitoses in general and helminthozoonoses in particular.
Her primary research interest includes diagnosis, reference, and characterization of autochthonous, imported, and emerging parasitoses.
Because of the increasing worldwide popularity of eating sushi and sashimi made of raw marine fish, consumers should be made aware of the possible risk for fish-borne parasitoses.
Quelques parasitoses canines exceptionelles en France.
Similar environmental, sanitary, and eating practices in the region suggest that the same parasitoses should be considered to be widespread in the area.