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It is the text which is parasitically dependent upon intertexts and interpretations for meaning.
The Glasgow fight has very little to do with the noble art and much more to do with making millions for the promoters, the cable television owners and other hangers-on who parasitically feed off Tyson and his reputation.
Vassallo and Filoso try very hard to make sense of the Mexican Carlos Chavez' parasitically polystylist Sonatina; more rewarding is the unaccompanied Zonante written in Paris in 1980 by another Mexican, Eduardo Diazmunoz, with Vassallo's wonderfully confident intonation and tone encompassing all the music's deeply emotional effects.
According to official Chinese statistics, an absolute majority of all the registered private firms in China are comprised of these so-called "trading companies" that do not themselves transport or wholesale goods, but simply parasitically feed off the dual-price system.
As such, its polychromed surfaces are precisely the vestments that one's individual desire--already deformed by a world filled with kitsch--must parasitically inhabit and deform, in turn, if the sadistic process of successive artistic destruction is to be effective as insubordination.
If a person refuses to think and act rationally, he will soon die (unless others permit him to live parasitically on their rational efforts).
They are 'lazy', 'workshy', parasitically living off the state and the taxpayer.
Refusing to look at reality, refusing to think, acting parasitically, being dishonest, being unjust, engaging in theft, advocating tyranny, and the like are bad because such actions throttle or thwart human life.
And yet there is also something of the touch screen in the way BC parasitically remakes and undoes advertising, the way the bodies look so similar but "feel" so different in, for example, BC's commission, as part of The Complete Poem, of David Vasiljevic's photo shoot based on his 2008 Levi's ad campaign.
In some ways his argument reads like a circumspect updating of Guy Debord's "diffuse" form of spectacle, as opposed to its "concentrated" forms: i.e., a system that does not overthrow existing political arrangements but parasitically occupies and empties them of efficacy: that has no need of charismatic leadership, collective mobilization, or compulsory fervor but operates through individual privatization, demoralization, and uncertainty.
Coinciding, as it happens, with the catastrophe occurring in the nearby financial district, Hiorns's construction--a sprawling expanse of uncontrollable, unpredictable growth based on toxic materials, doomed to collapse and existing parasitically off housing--is eerily prescient.
It would become the first in a long list of counterexhibitions and protests accompanying the early fairs, as well as the first in a tradition of guerrilla shows that today crop up everywhere from warehouses to unleased boutiques both to mock and to feed parasitically off the sudden surge in foot traffic.