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(par'ă-sit'ik), Do not confuse this word with paracytic or paracystic.
1. Relating to or of the nature of a parasite.
2. Denoting organisms that normally grow only in or on the living body of a host.


(păr′ə-sĭt′ĭk) also


1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a parasite.
2. Caused by a parasite: parasitic diseases.

par′a·sit′i·cal·ly adv.


1. Relating to or of the nature of a parasite.
2. Denoting organisms that normally grow only in or on the living body of a host.


Of, or relating to a parasite.
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Patient discussion about parasitic

Q. is an Amoeba dangerous?? and how can i get rid of it? my son is in Peru, he called and told me he got an Amoeba..i have no idea if it's dangerous or not, and how to get rid of it. and what kinds of food he needs to avoid.I'll appreciate help!

A. Amoeba is a nasty one...but not so dangerous! it's a one celled parasite which gets into your body if you eat in restaurants that the cook doesn't wash hands after going to the multiplies in your intestine and makes you diarrhea like hell. but if you'll treat it right it will go away as nothing happened. if you don't it can give you liver cyst. and that's not good. he should see a Dr.

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On the one hand, there is the desire for control, originality, and authenticity that the decision to author demands, on the other, the awareness that all writing is parasitically contaminated, mediated, and haunted by spectral tendencies integral to the structure of all language.
The sporophyte in this group, however, became parasitically dependent upon the gametophyte and correspondingly reduced to a single fertile telome (Fig.
The mites, known as Varroa, parasitically attach to adult honeybees and larvae and feed on their body fluids, disrupting the development of individual bees and sometimes destroying entire colonies.
Here, ruthless entertainment capital stands in for the Depression Era bookies and gangsters responsible for fixing fights and parasitically living off of the boxer's physical labor while also disregarding the importance of implicitly masculine athleticism.
We will not even be issued a warning, but a day's wages will be parasitically confiscated for our criminal behavior.
Many years ago I was a Socialist member of the Labour Party and our call for the parasitically Royal Family to be scrapped was greeted with disdain by the Party's lickspittle right wing leaders, and with cries of Go back to Russia, from the public.
In the meantime, the long-term damage it is doing the Labour Party, upon which it parasitically sits, is immense and ongoing.
This curt attaches itself to a political cause, but parasitically strangles it.
Such organizations were parasitically dependent upon local churches to finance and follow up broadcasting, distribute tracts, buy books, provide staff, and so on.
Iterability alters, contaminates parasitically what it identifies and enables to repeat "itself": it leaves us no choice but to mean (to say) something that is (always, also) other than what we mean to say, to say something other than what we say and would have wanted to say, to understand something other than .
The romanticized Bohemian life of the late nineteenth century cohabited parasitically alongside, within, and against the dominant bourgeois society.
Instead, we are given the opportunity to think differently about what the relationship 'between' may be, witnessing a form of love that cannot be understood parasitically, but is instead presented in balance, in harmony without recourse to differential combat.