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(par'ă-sit'ik), Do not confuse this word with paracytic or paracystic.
1. Relating to or of the nature of a parasite.
2. Denoting organisms that normally grow only in or on the living body of a host.
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(păr′ə-sĭt′ĭk) also


1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a parasite.
2. Caused by a parasite: parasitic diseases.

par′a·sit′i·cal·ly adv.
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1. Relating to or of the nature of a parasite.
2. Denoting organisms that normally grow only in or on the living body of a host.
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Of, or relating to a parasite.
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Patient discussion about parasitic

Q. is an Amoeba dangerous?? and how can i get rid of it? my son is in Peru, he called and told me he got an Amoeba..i have no idea if it's dangerous or not, and how to get rid of it. and what kinds of food he needs to avoid.I'll appreciate help!

A. Amoeba is a nasty one...but not so dangerous! it's a one celled parasite which gets into your body if you eat in restaurants that the cook doesn't wash hands after going to the multiplies in your intestine and makes you diarrhea like hell. but if you'll treat it right it will go away as nothing happened. if you don't it can give you liver cyst. and that's not good. he should see a Dr.

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Male labour use ratios for every activities were 100.00 per cent for goat and kid selling 75.34 per cent for barn disinfection 75.22 per cent for cheese selling 75.00 per cent for vaccination 74.71 per cent for bathing for mites 69.57 per cent for take to pasture 64.89 per cent for take to stubble 64.36 per cent for shearing 56.76 per cent for internal and external parasitical disinfection (Figure 2).
This filter also attenuates undesired parasitical feed-through signals from the actuating electrode (Section 6).
Leishmaniasis was the most common parasitical disease in both the present study and the Kerman study,7 which accounted for 4% and 5.3% of all clinical referrals in the respective studies.
They didn't have poster campaigns; nor did they form parasitical lobbies for the task.
Their comfortable cars with the red lights atop, their bungalows and retinues of sycophants and parasitical hangers-on soon make them forget the discomfort of the backward areas.
However, pirate societies were not only parasitical (which Leeson does explicitly acknowledge: p.
As a result, post-modern Westerners reluctant to employ the full power of their weapons face technologically parasitical religious zealots respecting no limits on violence.
Rebeka never leaves her Budapest apartment again, becoming a parasitical nuisance to her strangely conflicted son.
President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Hotez (microbiology, immunology, and tropical medicine; George Washington U.) continues his effort to raise public awareness about parasitical infections that do not make the headlines, and to advocate for the mostly very poor people living in the remote and rural regions where they are endemic.
'In the manner of language,' Raleigh wrote, 'we lead a parasitical existence and are always quoting.' As Macfarlane's work exemplifies through its conscious and unconscious debts to the past, this is as true now as it ever was in the fin de siecle.
And again life in refugee camps is very restricted and quite parasitical.
Not one of the North Wales MPs who meekly trotted along with the government into the division lobbies last week had had the courage to inform us prior to the event that they believed passionately that these wasteful, ludicrous, anachronistic and antisocial institutions should be closed forthwith if not torched and razed and their parasitical occupants thrown into jail as a lesson to all, and would therefore feel bound by conscience to vote for their abolition as a matter of extreme urgency.