paraseptal emphysema

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par·a·sep·tal em·phy·se·ma

emphysema involving the periphery of the pulmonary lobules.
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For calculation of accuracy there are four classes designed: normal tissue (NT), centrilobular emphysema (CLE), paraseptal emphysema (PSE), and panlobular emphysema (PLE).
Caption: Figure 3: CT images of patients with emphysema condition as (a) minimal or no emphysema; (b) centrilobular emphysema; (c) paraseptal emphysema; (d) panlobular emphysema.
His contrast-enhanced computerized tomography of chest and abdomen revealed right apical pleural thickening and fibrosis in upper lobe and bronchial wall thickening, paraseptal emphysema, and subcentimetric mediastinal lymphadenopathy (Figure 1).
Caption: FIGURE 1: Fibrotic changes with focal pleural thickening in right apex with associated paraseptal emphysema suggestive of old healed lesion.
In paraseptal emphysema, almost the entire proximal part of the acinus is normal, whereas distal alveolar ducts and sacs are abnormal (Figure 4).
(30) Computed tomography scans generally show findings typical of COPD, with centrilobular or mixed centrilobular and paraseptal emphysema in the upper lobes, and also findings typical of usual interstitial pneumonia, with increased reticular markings, traction bronchiectasis, and honeycomb remodeling in the lower lobes.
Paraseptal Emphysema: Sub pleural peripheral emphysematous 'lesions in a single layer usually less than 1cm.