Filatov-Dukes disease

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Fi·la·tov-Dukes dis·ease

(fē'lah-tof dūks),
an exanthem-producing infectious childhood disease of unknown etiology.


Clement, English physician, 1845-1925.
Dukes disease - Synonym(s): Filatov-Dukes disease
Filatov-Dukes disease - see under Filatov, Nil


(Filitow), Nil Feodorovich, Russian pediatrician, 1847-1902.
Filatov disease - Synonym(s): Filatov-Dukes disease
Filatov spots - Synonym(s): Koplik spots
Filatov-Dukes disease - exanthem-producing infectious disease of childhood, etiology unknown. Synonym(s): Dukes disease; Filatov disease; fourth disease; parascarlatina; scarlatinella

Fi·la·tov-Dukes dis·ease

(fēlah-tof dūks di-zēz)
Exanthem-producing infectious childhood disease of unknown etiology.
Synonym(s): fourth disease.