sagittal section

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1. an act of cutting.
2. a cut surface.
3. a segment or subdivision of an organ.
abdominal section laparotomy; incision of the abdominal wall.
cesarean section delivery of a fetus by incision through the abdominal wall and uterus; see also cesarean section.
frontal section a section through the body passing at right angles to the median plane, dividing the body into dorsal and ventral parts.
frozen section a specimen cut by microtome from tissue that has been frozen; see also frozen section.
perineal section external urethrotomy.
sagittal section a section through the body coinciding with the sagittal suture, thus dividing the body into right and left halves.
serial s's histologic sections of a specimen made in consecutive order and so arranged for the purpose of microscopic examination.
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sag·it·tal sec·tion

a cross section obtained by slicing, actually or through imaging techniques, the body or any part of the body, or any anatomic structure in the sagittal plane, that is, in a vertical plane parallel to the median plane. Inasmuch as actual sectioning in the sagittal plane results in right and left portions, an anatomic sagittal section may be a two-dimensional view of the cut surface on the medial aspect of either portion.
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sag·it·tal sec·tion

(saji-tăl sekshŭn)
Cross-section obtained by slicing, actually or through imaging techniques, the body or any body part, or any anatomic structure in sagittal plane.
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Drawing of a parasagittal section depicting the sectioning location (a), illustration of the ET-1 injection site in a coronal section drawing (b), and the location of the counting fields in the rat striatum (c).
Caption: FIGURE 3: Oblique parasagittal section of T2-weighted MRI displaying passage of the right sciatic nerve above the piriformis muscle.
Seven MRI sections were taken to measure thickness at standard anatomical landmarks--one sagittal section, one parasagittal section at the level of midorbit, two coronal sections, and three transverse (axial) sections.
* Parasagittal section at the level of midorbit (Figure 3): right frontal eminence, left frontal eminence, right supraorbital, left supraorbital, right infraorbital, left infraorbital.
To count cells, we used the systematic and random distribution of counting blocks in telencephalic parasagittal sections. This sampling is a key step since it is not possible to count all cells within the region of interest.
Caption: Figure 1: Imaging data of the different occurrences of the tumor: Gadolinium enhanced Tl-weighted MR sequence, coronal section (a), Gadolinium enhanced T1-FATSAT weighted MR sequence, parasagittal (g), and axial sections (h), CT scan without injection, axial sections (b), T1-weighted MR sequence, parasagittal sections (c and e), and T1-FATSAT weighted MR sequence, axial section (d and f).
For each subject while measuring from coronal planes, the anterior and posterior limits of each hippocampus were assessed on the right and left parasagittal sections (Figure 1).
Caption: FIGURE 1: Hippocampus borders were defined from coronal planes (a) with assessing the anterior and posterior limits on the right and left parasagittal sections (b).
Along medial-lateral sequences of parasagittal sections, the molecular layer thickness of primary fissure borderlands in rat cerebellar left hemisphere was studied to assess the regional difference in plasticibility.