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Relating to paraphasia.


(par-a-fa'ze-a) [? + aphasis, speech loss]
A form of aphasia in which a meaningless or inappropriate word or syllable is substituted for the correct spoken word or word combinations.
Synonym: paraphemia; paraphrasiaparaphasic (-fa'zik), adjective
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The existence of this direct whole-word naming route finds support in studies of subjects with repetition conduction aphasia, some of whom appear to have lost all phonological sequence knowledge (Figure 4, pathway 3/4-7) and do not produce phonological paraphasic errors.
Neurolinguists should take notice of the similarities in paraphasic errors regardless of the modality (speech vs.
[117], who found that left, but not right, thalamic lesions implicating corticothalamic-cortical reciprocal connections can result in failed semantic control, where the ability to differentiate semantically related words is disrupted by poor executive control, as measured, for example, by low scores on executive function tasks such as Trail Making and the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task, leading to anomia or paraphasic misselections.