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An organophosphorus cholinesterase inhibitor used in insecticides; parathion is converted in the liver to paraoxon.
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The Q isoenzyme has a greater hydrolytic efficiency for, and more rapidly inactivates, OP chemical warfare nerve agents such as sarin and soman, whereas the R isoenzyme has greater hydrolytic efficiency for, and thus more rapidly inactivates, certain OP pesticides, such as paraoxon and chlorpyrifosoxon; both isoenzymes hydrolyze phenylacetate with similar efficiency (11, 12).
To assess whether the enzyme embedded within the film maintained its chelated metal ligands, the prepared films were challenged with the organophosphorus substrate, paraoxon.
Effect of the molecular polymorphisms of human paraoxonase (PON1) on the rate of hydrolysis of paraoxon.
PON1 hydrolyzes certain organophosphates especially paraoxon, which is the metabolite of the insecticide parathion and the enzyme received its name from (8).
Genetic polymorphism of PON1 at Q192R and L55M modulated paraoxonase activity against paraoxon and not against phenyl acetate.
Role of genetic polymorphism of human plasma paraoxonase / arylesterase in hydrolysis of the insecticide metabolites chlorpyrifos oxon and paraoxon.
The researchers demonstrated the concept on the detection of acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) inhibitors such as paraoxon and aflatoxin B1 on paper using a "lateral flow" sensing approach similar to that used in a home pregnancy test strip.
PON1 hydrolyzes organophosphates, such as paraoxon, aromatic esters, e.
The molecular functions were related to aryltriphosphatase activity, phosphotriesterase activity, A-esterase activity, paraoxon hydrolase activity and paraoxonase activity.
There is some evidence from animal experiments that magnesium improves survival by improving haemodynamics in paraoxon treated mini-pigs (47).