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An organophosphorus cholinesterase inhibitor used in insecticides; parathion is converted in the liver to paraoxon.
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It was measured using paraoxon as a substrate and measuring the absorbance of 37AdegC at 412 nm in the color formed by the hydrolysis of paraoxone.17
The arylesterase and paraoxonase activities of PON1 were measured spectrophotometrically using the substrates phenylacetate and paraoxon (O, O-diethyl O-(4-nitrophenyl) phosphate), respectively [23].
Third, it did not evaluate other oxidative stress markers such as lipid hydroperoxide, total antioxidant status, total oxidant status, oxidative stress index, paraoxon aseandary lesterase.
The PON activity was determined using paraoxon as the substrate and measured by increases in the absorbance at 412 nm due to the formation of 4-nitrophenol.
Q192R polymorphism affects the ability to hydrolyze organophosphorus compounds such as paraoxon (11).
In a rat model of paraoxon poisoning in awake, unrestrained rats, we showed that a single high (50 mg [kg.sup.-1]) dose of pralidoxime administered intramuscularly completely, albeit transiently, reversed paraoxon-induced toxicity (10).
Specifically, for Volume 112, the analyses included 7 chemicals: 3 of the 5 agents evaluated (diazinon, malathion and parathion), one isomer (of tetrachlorvinphos) and three metabolites (diazoxon, malaoxon and paraoxon).
The linearity of newly fabricated sensor is better than earlier reported methods using variety of other nanomaterials for pesticide detection carbon paste electrode (4.6 to 46 [micro]M, methyl parathion and paraoxon) [34], silver nanocubes synthesis for determining paraoxon [35], pore glass beads (up to 140 [micro]M for methyl parathion and up to 120 [micro]M for paraoxon) [36], and gold electrode (1-10 [micro]M for methyl parathion and paraoxon) [37].
After these calculations, the inhibition plots, I (%) versus [pesticide] or log[pesticide], are constructed for the different pesticides evaluated (carbofuran, carbaryl, malathion, paraoxon, and dichlorvos).
Paraoxonase-1 (PON-1) serum activity was assayed using the kinetic method with paraoxon (o,o-diethyl-o-(p-nitrophenyl)-phosphate; Sigma, USA) as a substrate [16].
(vii) Paraoxonase activity assay was carried out by assessing the rate of formation of para-nitrophenol, which is derived by catalyzed hydrolysis of paraoxon [14].
Serum PON1 paraoxonase activity was assayed on a microtiter plate by a kinetic, semiautomated method using paraoxon (O,O-diethyl-O-p-nitrophenyl phosphate, Sigma-Aldrich, Hungary) as a substrate.