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1. Relating to the paroophoron.
2. Adjacent or in proximity to the ovary. Synonym(s): paraovarian


beside the ovary.

paraovarian cyst
remnants of mesonephric or paramesonephric ducts and tubules.
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Partial differential diagnosis of adnexal cystic/ solid masses by ultrasound in the nonpregnant patient * Physiologic ovarian cyst/follicle * Other ovarian cysts * Hemorrhagic cyst * Endometrioma * Tubo-ovarian abscess * Pyo/hydrosalpinx * Abdominal abscess * Paraovarian cyst * Dermoid cyst/Teratoma * Serous/mucinous cystadenoma or CA & other epithelium neoplasms * Fibromas/Thecomas * Ovarian mets * Ovarian torsion * Pedunculated fibroid * Peritoneal inclusion cysts Table 2.
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Kishimota et al suggested that most paraovarian cysts were homogenous, near the ipsilateral round ligament and uterus (9).
A paraovarian cyst is derived from the embryologic remnants of wolffian or mullerian ducts within the broad ligament and is a benign congenital variation.
Paraovarian cysts are benign lesions that arise from wolffian duct remnants and are usually seen along the broad ligament.