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resembling paranoia.
a person suffering from paranoia; called also paranoiac.
paranoid disorder older term for delusional disorder.
paranoid personality disorder a personality disorder in which the patient views other people as hostile, devious, and untrustworthy and reacts in a combative manner to disappointments or to events that he or she considers rebuffs or humiliations. Notable are a questioning of the loyalty of friends, the bearing of grudges, a tendency to read threatening meanings into benign remarks, and unfounded suspicions about the fidelity of a partner. Unlike delusional disorders or paranoid schizophrenia, in which delusional or hallucinatory persecution occurs, it is not characterized by psychosis.


1. Relating to or characterized by paranoia.
2. Having delusions of persecution.


1. Psychiatry Relating to, characteristic of, or affected with paranoia.
2. Exhibiting or characterized by irrational distrust or suspicion of others: a paranoid fear that the police car was following him.
3. Experiencing or displaying intense anxiety or worry: paranoid about catching the flu.
One affected with paranoia.


Etymology: Gk, para + nous, mind, eidos, form
1 adj, pertaining to or resembling paranoia.
2 n, a person afflicted with a paranoid disorder.
Usage notes: (informal)
a person, or pertaining to a person, who is overly suspicious or exhibits persecutory trends or attitudes.


1. Relating to or characterized by paranoia.
2. Having delusions of persecution.

Patient discussion about paranoid

Q. What is paranoia? Is it different from other psychosis disorders? A friend of mine was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I read about it on the internet and I am not sure about the idea of paranoia. Is it a kind of psychosis or it a different symptom by its on? Can someone give an example of paranoid thinking VS normal thinking?

A. Methinks all these brain disorders have everything to do with a lack of copper. With all our modern technology and artificial fertilizers and processing of foods, the food has become so depleted of minerals that our bodies and brains have become so depleted that we cannot even function properly. Start taking kelp, calcium magnesium, cod liver oil, flax seed oil, and raw apple cider vinegar. This will bring healing and normal function to the brain and body systems. The emotions will calm down and be more manageable. If you are taking a vitamin with more manganese than copper it will add to the dysfunction. Don't waste your money. There you are! Some solutions rather than more rhetoric about the problem.

Q. Is paranoia a side effect of ADHD? My lovable daughter has ADHD and she is often getting paranoia easily. I have a doubt, is paranoia a side effect of ADHD? I am confused. I really need some help.

A. Paranoia, excessive anxiety, or chronic worrying is symptomatic for those afflicted with ADHD but the answer is not quite as simple as that.

For the most part males afflicted with attention deficit disorder syndrome usually tend to have it accompanied by the restlessness, impatience, associated with ADHD Attention Deficit HYPER Disorder, while for females it is usually manifested by ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder without the "H", the hyperactivity it is commonly thought to be.

You might want to refer to an ADD symptoms check list in determining whether or not your daughter meets the criteria for those afflicted
with ADD. One of the first books on ADD/ADHD "Driven to Distraction" by Dr. Hallowell, available in paperback has a questionnaire of fifty
questions in helping to determine the severity of ADD/ADHD in which one is afflicted with.

The difficulty in diagnosing ADD/ADHD symptoms is because of the vast, disparate wide-ranging spectrum of symptoms an

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Individuals with paranoid personality disorder tend to lead maladaptive lifestyles and might present as irritable, unpleasant, and emotionally guarded.
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Tvrdon sped through a Cardiff suburb as he suffered severe paranoid delusions in October last year.
Ahmadi-nejad once again use his trip to the UN not to address the legitimate aspirations of the Iranian people but to instead spout paranoid theories and repulsive smears against Israel.
Jacko's former bodyguard told The Sun that the tragic superstar, who died of an overdose of propofol in 2009, ordered the move in a drug-fuelled paranoid rage.
While historian Richard Hofstadter argues that American politics since the Puritans has been driven by a paranoid worldview, where American "good" perpetually battles some "evil" other, in recent decades the idea of collective, or cultural, paranoia has expanded.
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We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders" is a collection of poetry from Pamela Spiro Wagner, reflecting on her twenty five years diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.