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The paper also describes the various conditions affecting the paediatric paranasal sinuses, with emphasis on imaging features.
Metastatic tumors of the maxilla, nose and paranasal sinuses.
MDCT indicated that all of the drowning victims had fluid in the paranasal sinuses and ears and ground-glass opacities in the lungs.
Whereas the experimental studies of wood dust are considered inadequate for evaluation of carcinogenic risk, wood dust is carcinogenic to humans, causing cancer of the nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses (20-22).
For the increasing number of ENT and neurosurgical teams who perform advanced endoscopic surgery of the anterior skull base beyond the paranasal sinuses, this book contains valuable information on complications not available elsewhere.
1,2) Cholesterol granuloma is very rare in the paranasal sinuses.
Management choices depend on the patient's symptoms and the location of the lesion within the paranasal sinuses.
The paranasal sinuses have many variations of their normal anatomy.
The topics include multiple paraclinoid aneurysms of the internal carotid artery, a case of carotid artery reconstruction, the surgical removal of pilocytic astrocytoma from the brain stem and thalamus, subarachoid hemorrhage with bilateral aneurysms and apoplexy of pituitary macroadenoma, large meningioma of the jugular tubercle and foramen magnum, intramedullary spinal arteriovenous malformation, intraosseous tumor of the cervical spine, and fibrous dysplasia of the paranasal sinuses and anterior cranial base.
Kurve's device is the only known nasal drug delivery device that has consistently penetrated the paranasal sinuses.