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Two experienced radiologists reviewed the paranasal sinuses independently and in a blinded manner for the clinical data of the patients.
X-ray paranasal sinus sub occipeto mental view was done to confirm that they were having chronic maxillary sinusitis.
Merkel cell carcinoma, however, is thought to be derived from a type I mechanoreceptor located at the dermal-epidermal junction Small Cell Neuroendocrine carcinoma in Head and Neck regions is uncommon with only 180 cases of larynx and 75 of Paranasal sinuses being reported in English literature so far.
Metastasis may reach the paranasal sinuses by hematogenous, lymphogenous, or vertebral venous plexus pathways.
Foreign bodies in the paranasal sinuses vary in their size and location.
Tension Pneumocephalus After Endoscopic Paranasal Sinus Surgery: A Case Report.
Paranasal sinus computerized tomography (CT) revealed a hypodense mass lesion that filled both frontal sinuses and right ethmoidal cells, caused erosion in the bone structures, and drooped into the right orbital extraconal area eroding the right lamina papricea (Figure 1).
Although paranasal sinus osteomas are frequently seen in the ethmoid complex, the aerated middle turbinate as a part of the ethmoid is an exceptionally rare site of origin of this tumor, and only one similar case has been previously reported (7).
To ensure a representative result, 340 datasets on the nose and paranasal sinuses were randomly extracted retrospectively from the CBCT database by taking every third examination for further analysis.
Local examination of organ was done of--chronic headache epistaxis, nasal discharge, local tumour in case of paranasal sinus diseases.