Infection of animals and humans with trematodes of the family Paramphistomatidae; human disease is caused by Gastrodiscoides hominis in Asia and Watsonius watsoni in Africa.
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It is very dif?cult to con?rm disease caused by the immature ?ukes (larval Paramphistomiasis), as there are no conclusive ?ndings in faeces or blood samples.
Therapeutic trials by using Cannabis sativa(Bhang), Centratherum anthelminiticum(Kali Jiri), Nicotiana tabacum(Tobacco) and Oxyclozanide were conducted usingeighty animals in eight controlled experiments to compare the efficacy of above mentioned drugs,against Paramphistomiasis.
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Oxyclozanide is a safe and effective flukicide administered to cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats for the treatment and control of fascioliasis and paramphistomiasis. The acanthocephalan parasite, Pallisentis nagpurensis is mainly an aneorobic parasite, it gains energy through glycolytic pathway and involves in anaerobic generation of ATP.
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