paramedical personnel

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allied health personnel

All healthcare personnel who are:
(1) Not physicians, dentists, podiatrists, or registered nurses; and
(2) Have received specialised training and require special licensure.

Allied health personnel
Chiropractors, dieticians, lab technologists, medical illustrators, technicians and transcriptionists, medical records technicians, occupational therapists, optometrists, phlebotomists, physicians’ assistants, podiatrists, practical nurses.
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paramedical personnel

Health care workers who are not physicians or nurses. These include medical technicians, emergency medical technicians, and physician assistants.
See: allied health professional
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Compulsory continuous intensive training programs should be conducted at regular time interval for all the paramedical personnel with special importance to the new comers.
From a list of possible problem areas for potential patients that could be discussed or recognized by paramedical personnel, the following were selected because they were primarily volitional and amenable to behavior modification: smoking cessation, eating disorders, and domestic abuse.
For strengthening health infrastructure, the party claimed that it will "accelerate the reforms in paramedical education sector so as to increase the availability of nurses, pharmacists and other paramedical personnel."
He said that "the focus of the framework will be on diverse areas including joint research, training of Saudi paramedical personnel, health insurance and hospital operation systems." This joint initiative, he said, comes in line with the Korean government's new plan to encourage health care cooperation and to attract medical tourists for treatment in Korea.
"Each of us and above all medical and paramedical personnel who perform the service of unrestricted provision of health services to all, without exception, must respect the privacy of every individual.
It provides, inter alia, data on in-patients, surgical operations, out-patient attendances, bed occupancy rates, information on medical, nursing and paramedical personnel, various health indicators etc.
He urged the medical and paramedical personnel to exhibit deep sense of commitment to ensure the well being of the community they serve.
Otherwise, both groups of residents had about equal exposure to general internists (internal medicine 31%, family practice 28%), cardiologists (97%, 100%), and paramedical personnel (17%, 12%).
He said: "The Jeddah Eye Hospital has set up temporary operation theaters to carry out surgeries, in which 84 doctors and other paramedical personnel participated." He said that in the past it conducted 180 surgeries in special weekend drives.
Utilizing the services of senior citizens in the field of their excellence, preparing plans for raising funds within and outside country for their welfare, proposing schemes for strengthening the primary health care system including training and orientation to medical and paramedical personnel to meet the health care needs of senior citizens, are also included in the mandate of the council.