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The property of having a strong magnetic moment from one or more unpaired electrons, causing orientation in a magnetic field; most significant in imaging are ions of certain transition metals such as gadolinium, iron, and manganese, or organic compounds that are stable free radicals; molecular oxygen also exhibits paramagnetism.
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(par″ă-mag-net′ik) [ para- + magnetic]
Pert. to a substance that is attracted by the poles of a magnet and becomes parallel to the lines of magnetic force. Paramagnetic contrast agents (usually incorporating gadolinium) are used in magnetic resonance imaging to help identify blood vessels and different tissue types.
paramagnetism (-mag′nĕ-tizm)
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As in the case of the previous compounds, magnetic properties switched between paramagnetism and metamagnetism.
(1987b) offer an explanation for this phenomenon, but it is unlikely to be owing to any paramagnetism within the diatoms because none was detected.
This is offset by the high Curie temperature [T.sub.c]~1223-1248[degrees]C (defined as the transition temperature from ferromagnetism to paramagnetism) making them suitable in areas of spintronic materials, battery cathodes, microwave communication, electric motors, and high-[T.sub.c] superconductors [6-9].
When the size of magnetic materials is reduced to nanoscale, they have a single magnetic domain structure and their magnetism turns to paramagnetism [9].
The vanadium, iron, nickel, cobalt, and copper complexes, due to their paramagnetism, were characterized by mass spectroscopy and elemental analysis.
Fe3O4 nanoparticles (NPs) have been the most widely used adsorbents in MSPE because of their super paramagnetism high magnetic saturation and simple preparation process [5].
She also states, superparamagnetism is the magnetic state of a material between highly ordered parallel spins (ferromagnetism) and randomly ordered spins (paramagnetism).
Nanocrystalline Mg ferrite shows more enhanced magnetization than its crystalline counterpart and has been found to exhibit some unusual magnetic properties, such as super paramagnetism and a noncollinear ordering of the magnetic moments of [Fe.sup.3+] ions, known as spin canting [1].
Wang, "Development of high temperature ferromagnetism in Sn[O.sub.2] and paramagnetism in SnO by Fe doping," Physical Review B, vol.
The super paramagnetism nature of help to remove adsorbent in the presence of external magnetic field.