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The property of having a strong magnetic moment from one or more unpaired electrons, causing orientation in a magnetic field; most significant in imaging are ions of certain transition metals such as gadolinium, iron, and manganese, or organic compounds that are stable free radicals; molecular oxygen also exhibits paramagnetism.


(par″ă-mag-net′ik) [ para- + magnetic]
Pert. to a substance that is attracted by the poles of a magnet and becomes parallel to the lines of magnetic force. Paramagnetic contrast agents (usually incorporating gadolinium) are used in magnetic resonance imaging to help identify blood vessels and different tissue types.
paramagnetism (-mag′nĕ-tizm)
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Variational trial wavefunctions will also be developed to access a new class of interacting ~topological quantum paramagnets with gapless edge states.
Above 265 K the materials are insulating paramagnets in the space group Pnma.