paralytic rabies

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par·a·lyt·ic ra·bies

a form or stage of rabies marked by paralytic symptoms.
Synonym(s): dumb rabies


1. pertaining to paralysis.
2. an animal affected with paralysis.

paralytic bladder
see atonic neurogenic urinary bladder.
paralytic ileus
loss of all intestinal tone and motility as a result of reflex inhibition in acute peritonitis, from excessive handling during bowel surgery, prolonged and severe distention due to intestinal obstruction and in grass sickness of horses. The effect is the same as that of an acute intestinal obstruction. Called also ileus, adynamic ileus.
paralytic myoglobinuria
a disease of horses characterized by red-brown urine due to myoglobinuria, and acute myopathy with muscle weakness, often to the point of being unable to get up. It occurs after exercise after several days of inaction while still being fed a high-energy ration. Called also azoturia and Monday morning disease.
paralytic rabies
see rabies.
paralytic shellfish poisoning
syndrome of flaccid paralysis after ingestion of bivalve molluscs whose tissues have accumulated tetrahydroxypurine toxins from some marine dinoflagellates; syndrome identical with tetrodotoxin poisoning. See also saxitoxin. Called also PSP.
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