atonic ectropion

(redirected from paralytic ectropion)

a·ton·ic ec·tro·pi·on

ectropion of the lower eyelid following paralysis of the orbicularis oculi muscle.
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1) Epiphora, lid retraction, paralytic ectropion, and cosmetic issues may also occur.
s (18) study included only 3 patients with paralytic ectropion, and in most patients, hard palate graft was performed to correct lower lid retraction secondary to thyroid-associated orbitopathy.
The lower lid vectors resulting in lower lid retraction included paralytic ectropion, cicatricial ectropion, involutional ectropion, and congenital ectropion.
U/L paralytic ectropion with lagophthalmos was seen in 1 patient (4%).