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n the use of two or more processors in a system configuration. One processor controls the system, and the others are subordinate to it.
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Using VERITAS Database Edition/Advanced Cluster for Oracle in an Oracle Parallel Server environment, applications fail over between servers faster than in single-instance applications since the data remains accessible via all of the other servers.
Oracle Parallel Server on Linux is currently in beta testing with expected production availability by the end of 2000.
Oracle8i Parallel Server running on Sun provides a rock solid availability platform for customers deploying Internet-based mission-critical solutions," said Doug Kaewart, vice president of business development at Sun Microsystems.
Unique to the NT database market, Oracle Parallel Server combines interconnected NT servers, or nodes, into a single system to provide customers with low-cost technology that can support larger workloads and user populations, overcoming many of the current limitations of the Windows NT platform.
Building on our long standing alliance with Oracle and our extensive experience with Oracle Parallel Server on DG/UX, Data General is pleased to be shipping today a four-node Windows NT cluster certified to run Oracle Parallel Server," said Sue Sweeney, vice president, Strategic Alliances at Data General.
Oracle Parallel Server is an open technology which will work on any supported clustering configuration, including Microsoft's Wolfpack.
The Oracle Parallel Server on Digital Clusters long-standing world record TPC-C is evidence of our success.
The company is actively engaged with leading server vendors to offer cluster systems incorporating Oracle Parallel Server in early 1998.
Oracle is by far the leading supplier of clustered software technology as supported by the fact that all TPC-C benchmarks utilizing clustered servers have been run using Oracle7 Parallel Server.
Oracle7 Parallel Server for SPARCcluster(TM) PDB has already been very successful in providing high availability solutions to customers whose business depends on 24x7x365 availability of data.
integrate their products with Oracle's parallel server technology.
The company demonstrated Oracle Parallel Server for Windows NT running in a 2-node configuration on HP NetServers at a conference held here today.