parallel rays

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par·al·lel rays

rays parallel to the axis of an optic system.
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We can see from the figure that the parallel rays refract around the cloaked region and remain in the same lines as the incident rays, which make the cloaked region invisible without any side shadow.
For each angle [[theta].sub.k] given in degree, k = 1, ..., q, we project the image along parallel rays p with width w as follows:
Continuing west from A are two nearly parallel rays, and extending perpendicular to Messier are radiating swaths of faint rays.
The purpose was to help middle school students understand the importance of the parabola shape and its ability to focus parallel rays. The examples demonstrated a use of the two Cabri products to study a 2D object before considering its 3D equivalent.
One mirror collects light rays from the lamp and reorients them into a beam of parallel rays aimed at the disturbance.
What is the equivalent of using the parallel rays from the moon as a useful compass?
He said: "Laser beams are parallel rays of light - they'll go very far at the same intensity.

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