parallel opening

par·al·lel o·pen·ing

(pară-lel ōpĕn-ing)
Casting placed over an abutment tooth or implant to make it parallel to another abutment.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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After two weeks of basketball action the 1st LBC-Liga Pinoy Basketball Tournament gives way today to the parallel opening of the 6th JAFC (Jameel Associates Fitness Club) Basketball Tournament at the Ahmad Khaki Sports Complex (Orca) basketball court on Tahlia Street.
They all share the sleek styling, generous luggage compartments with parallel opening doors that provide easy access also in confined areas, offering operators the possibility of using the coach for occasional service during weekends.
However, its opening earlier this month was overshadowed by the parallel opening of onlyyou, the exhibition by Carlos Capelcn whose modest use of finger nail clippings made headlines.
The new building, which will incorporate Reynaers CW86 curtain walling with parallel opening windows, is expected to be completed in July 2003.
This includes ease of entry and exit aided by revolutionary, twin-stage, parallel opening doors which allow easy access to both front and rear, yet without opening so wide as to be an annoyance when parking.
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