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partial aphasia in which the patient uses wrong words, or uses words in wrong and senseless combinations. Called also paragrammatism, paraphemia, and paraphrasia.


A form of aphasia in which a person has lost the ability to speak correctly, substituting one word for another and jumbling words and sentences unintelligibly.
See also: jargon.
[para- + G. phasis, speech]


Psychology The garbling of speech syntax and omission or confusion of particles of inflection


Speech that is fluent but consists mainly of semantic and phonetic errors (paraphasias), so that grammatic structure and meaning cannot be discerned. This disorder is typical of severe receptive aphasia
Synonym(s): jargon aphasia.
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Berger locates a fascinating paragrammatical inscription of this "trou," tracing its dissemination throughout the poem such that it ends up constituting something like its fantasmatic phonemic kernel, or semonce (228).