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perversion of the sense of taste. adj., adj parageu´sic.
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Distortion or perversion in the perception of a tastant. An unpleasant perception may occur when a normally pleasant taste is present, or the perception may occur when no tastant is present (gustatory hallucination).
Synonym(s): parageusia
[dys- + G. geusis, taste]
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Disordered or abnormal sense of taste.
[para- + G. geusis, taste]
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[6] Parageusia and pain, slight pain HSV -HZV H-B grade Author serology at onset Althaus SR [3] n.s.
On postoperative day 8, the patient developed parageusia and pain around the right ear after awakening.
The patient gradually recovered, the facial nerve function improved, and the ear pain and the parageusia had regressed by postoperative day 36 (Figure 2).