parafollicular cells

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C cell

1. a cell of the pancreatic islets of the guinea pig;
See also: medullary carcinoma of thyroid. Synonym(s): gamma cell of pancreas
2. calcitonin-secreting round or spindle shaped follicular thyroid cell; ultrastructurally contains numerous 60-550 nm neuroendocrine granules; best identified immunohistochemically with antibodies to calcitonin. Synonym(s): light cells of thyroid, parafollicular cells

par·a·fol·lic·u·lar cells

(par'ă-fŏ-lik'yū-lăr selz)
Cells present between follicles or interspersed among follicular cells; they are rich in mitochondria and are believed to be the source of thyrocalcitonin.
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Few light staining parafollicular cells were identified amongst follicular cells in the basal position and were rarely seen in the interfollicular position (Fig.
The parafollicular cells or C (clear) cells produce the calcium-regulating calcitonin hormone.
Lymphoid follicles showing parafollicular cells were markedly increased in number and arranged in an onion-skin appearance (Figure 12, B and C).
The second group of thyroid secretory cells is the C cells or parafollicular cells, which contain and secrete the hormone calcitonin.