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1. a purified mixture of solid hydrocarbons from petroleum, used for embedding histological specimens and as a stiffening agent in pharmaceutical preparations.
2. alkane.
liquid paraffin see mineral oil.
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1. One of the methane series of acyclic hydrocarbons.
2. Synonym(s): hard paraffin
[L. parum, little, + affinis, neighboring, akin, so called because of its slight tendency to chemical reaction]
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Any of a number of saturated aliphatic (straight-chain) hydrocarbons of the methane series (methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, septane, octane, nonane, decane, etc.), in which the carbons are joined to other carbons by single bonds.
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hard par·af·fin

(hahrd pară-fin)
Purified mixture of solid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.
Synonym(s): paraffin (2) .
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The lightest fractions -- naphtha, kerosene or "refined oil" and "engine distillate" -- were drawn off first, followed by lubricating oils and paraffine waxes, gas oil, and fuel oil (or the liquid residuals), leaving a coke-like residue on the still bottom.
The samples of intestine tissue were fixed immediately formaldehyde 10% embedded in paraffine wax, sectioned serially at 4-6 mm and stained with hematoxylene-Eosin (H-E).
The Cilacap base oil plant, the only producer of the material in the country, set a production target of 365,680 tons not including paraffine oil 60/100 production of 44,660 kiloliters or an increase of 50%.